Prevention Videos Help To Educate Youth

Chosen-Plus-Packages The Tulare Couny Child Abuse Prevention Council has a new resource in its library available for lending to those seeking to bring prevention awareness to youth. Shared Hope International, a organization that has been addressing human trafficking for over a decade, has developed DVD based prevention curriculum to educate and equip youth to respond to sex trafficking. Chosen Prevention Curriculum  is video resource reveals the warning signs and sometimes fatal consequences of sex trafficking to equip teens to protect themselves and others from being trapped in the horrific and violent sex industry.  The video gives guidance to youth who may suspect that their peer is a victim of trafficking as well as general ways to help prevent trafficking, among other information.

The DVD sets come with conversation guides and other helps on a second disc that can be downloaded and printed out. Shared Hope also has more recently released a gang version that includes a second video with information and a survivor story pertinent to  sex trafficking within gangs. The DVD curriculum set is available in Spanish and English. To borrow a copy from CAPC, email

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