“Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence” Conference, Recordings and resources

Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council focused on the effects of domestic violence on children, and what can be done, at the 10th annual Cynthia Lockhart Mummery Conference, “Behind Closed Doors- The Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence”  on Thursday, October 29, 2016 

We have provided recordings, photography, and follow up resources below.



The conference focused, as its foundation, on the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Study. It is the largest investigation into the connection between childhood trauma and health and well-being issues suffered later in life. The study supports the need to address and prevent child abuse.


Printable version  to use with clients available here. 

The study looks at ten adverse childhood experiences in three areas:

Three types of adversity that make for a tough childhood. (Credit:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

And from these, they observed a connected between the number of adverse experiences and adverse health, behaviors, and life experiences. Those who had 4 or more adverse experiences were significantly more at risk of these negative effects:

Credit: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Click here for information on the ACE Study


download the audio of the presentation here

Carol Redding
Three types of adversity that make for a tough childhood. (Credit:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Carol Redding spoke on the ACE study based on her training as well as personal experience, MA worked with the ACE study as a CDC Fellow as has since focused on educating other about about ACE.  She is also a survivor, who shares freely that she has experienced all ten of the adverse childhood experiences.



download the audio of the presentation here

SS Gailerd
Gaillerd Swisegood

Gailerd Swisegood LCSW, spoke more on the specifically on the adverse childhood experience of domestic violence, as child abuse it’s impact, and the role that we can play to help.

Gailerd  is an instructor at COS in Social Services. He has extensive experience in the field as a Clinical Services Director at Family Services of Tulare County and other agencies.

Gaillerd draws connections from ACE to the stages of grief, Maslow’s hierachy of needs, Gestalt, Brene Brown, Gabor Mata to provide insight and practical guidance to the audience. Listen to his presention on YouTube or download here.

“Hidden Victims: Children of Domestic Violence” Video

Gaillerd showed the video, “Hidden Victims: Children of Domestic Violence” during his presentation. For those interested in the video, contact  Discovery Education at  888-892-3484  or 687 Marshall Ave Suite 150 Williston, Vt. 05495. There are several versions, the school version for grades 9-12 to adult.  The video runs 30 minutes. See more information on IMDb.com here.

“Empathy” Video

Brene Brown’s video, “Empathy”

Gaillerd intended to show Brene’s Brown video on Empathy as an example of how we can respond to though who have gone through trauma.




download the audio of the presentation here

19Mike Boudreaux, Tulare County Sheriff,  spoke on the changes in response by law enforcement to domestic violence and child abuse victims and what the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office is currently doing to response and address these.

Mike has an MA in Administration of Justice and has extensive education and experience in law enforcement.

buzz bee
Officer Buzz Bee is used to reach children regarding safety


Listen to audio here or download the audio of the presentation here

Alma Borja, Family Services of Tulare County
Alma Borja

Alma Borja, director of Karen’s House, shared about the services provided to victim at Karen’s House, the local emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, a facility that is part of Family Services of Tulare County.  Family Services of Tulare County has been a non-profit agency working with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and child abuse since 1983.

More information on Family Services of Tulare County’s domestic violence services can be viewed here.

Family Services introduced a special guest, who shared her story as a survivor of domestic violence. download the audio here




download the audio of the presentation here

Gene Hardin,  spoke on the Lisa Project. He is Director of the Lisa

Gene Hardin, Lisa Project
Gene Hardin, Lisa Project

Project (more info here), Project Creator and  San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Council, and created this experiential, walk-through exhibit that communicates, through stories and visual effects, what child abuse looks like.

lisa project wall
Comments that participants in Porterville were invited to leave after experiencing The Lisa Project in 10 (2012)




It was announced that Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council has been granted license to a mobile Lisa Project trailer, called Lisa Project in 10, because the experience can be done in ten minutes, allowing more students and other participants to go through.



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For more information,  contact CAPC Director Billie Shawl at 559-735-0456 or email billieshawl@sbcglobal.net

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