What to do on Freedom Sunday

-Prior to Freedom Sunday and/or during Freedom Sunday, share an awareness PSA/video. The Tulare County DAs Office has released the first Tulare County PSA in English and Spanish, which is only 30 seconds. Also see TCCAPC’s Human Trafficking Resource YouTube Channel to see other videos you can show.

-Share information about the reality of human trafficking and what is being done locally.  We have an outline available on our Freedom Sunday resource page with information on human trafficking, local realities, prayer points, and action points, as well as other resources you can use.

-Have a local speaker See our local list of trainers and  presenters here

-Encourage your group to take action See our Action Steps page. Print out the action steps to have available (download handout here)

-Have handouts and info available for your group at a resource table. We recommend the following (also on our Freedom Sunday resource page):

  • Tulare County Freedom Sunday bulletin insert (download here)
  • The Tulare County Human Trafficking Resources Flyer (download here)
  • Tulare County Prayer Guide (download here)
  • Ways to Get Involved Handout (download here)
  • Tulare County DA’s Office brochures and poster (call the TCDA Office to pick up)
  • Tulare County Human Trafficking Resources Newsletter Sign-up Sheet (download here)
  • Human Trafficking Indicator Cards (order here)

-Take sign ups for the Tulare County Human Trafficking  Resources  Newsletter. Sign up here or email a list of people who want to sign up (including name and email address) to info@tularecountyHTresources.com. We will keep people updated on local resources and opportunities.

-Have a discussion on how to move forward together as a group. Perhaps your church wants to take more time to discuss and explore the issue, why it’s happening and how to respond. Perhaps you want to get more education from a group study, book reading, training from local experts, etc. If your group wants more information and/or guidance on ways to move forward, contact Jennifer Boteilho at Family Services or Brandi Nuse-Villegas at CAPC (info@TulareCountyHTresources.com or 305-2617)

Equipping those in the Central Valley to effectively address human trafficking

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