GraceCity App FAQ

Note: This is not an official FAQ for the GraceCity App or the Grace Network. This page is an effort to assist the Grace Network and the lead agency in Tulare County in the efforts to launch the Central Valley wide resources on the app.

The GraceCity App, created by human trafficking response organization, The Grace Network, features information on service providers at a touch of a few buttons, making it easier for those who work with those affected by exploitation to identify who can provide what they need. Currently the Sacramento region is available on the app. The Central Valley region will be added as a sufficient number of resources have been identified prior to launch.
Anyone can download the app and access these resources.

If you are considering signing up, here is some information that may help:

Who can sign up?

A person or entity that can meet one of the service needs listed. This can be agencies, organizations, ministries, individuals, etc.

What services is The Grace Network looking for?

Services listed on the signup form are:
Phone access
Hygiene items provision
Internet access
Clothing provision
Food provision
Prevention education, outreach, or other services
Job training
Spiritual Support
Life skills training
Street Outreach
Direct Outreach
Professional Services (pro bono):
Job training
AOD Services
Prenatal care
Help obtaining birth certificates and identification
Case management
Scar Removal
Legal assistance
Dental care
Medical care
Tattoo Removal
Trauma Therapy
T or U Visa Assistance

There is also a section to list if you provide the following opportunities related to work with trafficked/ exploited/ abused persons in the community: Accepts Volunteers, Mobilization, Capacity Building, Policy Advocacy, Community Outreach, Program Consultation, Event Planning, Technical Assistance, Internship Opportunities, Training.

What do I need to know when signing up?

-Be prepared with a logo image that is in jpg format with a recommended width of 1,200 pixels wide
-Go to
-Click “Agency” Registration. (Note: This is not limited to agencies.)
-Review information needed
-When you are prepared to answer the questions, fill out and submit form.

What happens after registering?

The Grace Network does follow up to determine if the registrant is a viable service provider. Please be patient, as the time and manner in which The Grace Network responds is not specific, yet, but the TGN is working on the processing on adding the viable service providers.
Note: This means that registrants will not immediately see their listing in the app.



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