CAPC DVD/Book Library

TCCAPC is building a video and book library of resources for human trafficking education and awareness.
These may be borrowed upon request. We ask that borrowers responsibly return items when done. To request to borrow, contact or contact Billy at 559-735-0456.
These are current titles available:

Chosen Prevention Curriculum 
28 and 12 mins.
This comprehensive video resource reveals the warning signs and sometimes fatal consequences of sex trafficking to equip teens to protect themselves and others from being trapped in the horrific and violent sex industry.  DVD sets comes with conversation guides and other helps. DVD versions include a gang edition with information pertinent to  sex trafficking within gangs. You can see the Chosen and Chosen Gang Edition videos on YouTube.

Dreams Die Hard
36 mins.
Survivors of slavery in America tell their stories.  Maria was promised a job then enslaved for sex and domestic work and is framed for murder. “Miguel,” hoping to earn money for his son’s medical care, is enslaved in agricultural labor. Rose and Christy, promised a chance to continue their education, are brought from Africa and forced to work day and night as “maids.”

Dark Side of Chocolate
42 mins.
Hear the stories of children enslaved to harvest cacao that is used by chocolate companies around the world.

In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States by Nita Belles. Tells true stories of victims of trafficking, including a suburban girl who became the victim of the “boyfriend” tactics, a boy in am African children’s choir, a man tricked into debt bondage in ag labor, a woman brought into domestic servitude, a man in labor trafficking in a restaurant. Also educates on human trafficking and how to respond.

Runaway Girl by Clarissa Phelps. Phelps shares her story of being trafficked in Fresno.

Ending Slavery: How we free today’s slaves by Kevin Bales. Tempers horrors with hope by outlining local and global action to liberate as many as 27 million people worldwide from human trafficking.

From Congress to the Brothels by Linda Smith. The founder of Shared Hope International (makers of the Chosen prevention series) shares her work and the stories of survivors she has encountered.

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