Ways to Take Action Locally

There is a lot you can do to address human trafficking right here in Tulare County.

Educate yourself and the youth in your life.
Teach the youth in your life about the tactics of sex trafficking and empower them to educate each other. Use Shared Hope International’s “Chosen” prevention videos, available on YouTube and DVD, which come with discussion guides and are available to borrow at TCCAPC’s office.

Schedule a training or presentation for your group. If you work for a professional entity, like education, health care, mental health, social work, community outreach, religious care, law enforcement, etc., have your group trained and prepared to potentially be a first contact for a victim. If you are part of a service club or other group, consider having a speaker bring education through a speaking engagement. See our list of local trainers and speakers.

Learn the signs. Know how to respond.
Put the National Human Trafficking Hotline number 888-373-7888 in your phone and use it. Read information on the web page traffickingresourcecenter.org to see how to use it and the text line. Learn the indicators Here and on the GraceCity app. The more you are familiar, the more you may be the eyes to see trafficking in our midst.

Hang up human trafficking awareness posters.
The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office has created posters to reach out to potential victims and those who may have witnessed trafficking. We need help getting these hung up throughout the county to be a potential lifeline to victims and those at risk. Contact Tulare County District Attorney’s Office to get posters.

Get involved with the GraceCity App.
The GraceCity App connects first responders and service providers with services to help those affected by human trafficking or are at risk, through a free smart phone app. All resource providers are needed, which can be as simple as someone who can provide a computer and transportation to professional. A list of needs is on the “Grace City App FAQ” page with links to join on. Also, download, promote, and use the app now!

Designate a Freedom Day with your faith group/ organization.
Take time during one of your meetings/services and join with other local groups to bring awareness of local human trafficking. We will post info in the next month.

Get the Tulare County Anti- Human Trafficking Newsletter
Sign up here to stay in the know of resources and events.

Consider how to do things differently.
We are all connected. Explore the TCHTR resources and consider how you might be connected to human trafficking and how you can act.

Shop to fight slavery and other exploited labor this holiday
Go to GlobalLoveShopping.com for ways to support fair labor. Continue the discussion with others.

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Equipping those in the Central Valley to effectively address human trafficking

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